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Engraved Acrylic Clapper Board

Translucent White Engraved Clap Board   Starting @ $16.50
Translucent White Engraved Slate Starting @ $16.50

Hollywood Clapperboards is proud to leverage the talents of the best engravers in Los Angeles to bring you our unparalleled range of acrylic boards. Available in 6”, 11” and 13” sizes, in standard white or classic chalkboards, our white acrylic boards can accept a variety of ink fills to satisfy your customizing needs.

Chalkboards are available with white text only. For a classic clapperboard (with basic or logo customization), our engraved line offers our customers the best value for their money. Available with all laminated walnut clapper tops as well as our popular silkscreened poplar tops.

Please be aware that fully custom clapperboards can require considerably more time to design and engrave than our laminated boards as they are crafted using CNC routers and ink fills. Fully custom engraved clapperboards may be subject to additional design/engraving fees as determined by our artisans once your order has been placed.