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Hollywood Clapperboards Craftsmanship

Stands Being Finished
Stands Being Finished

Welcome to, the first of its kind online store where you can customize your clapperboards to your heart's content in a easy to use and systematic way, from anywhere in the world. Our brilliant (and very modest) engineers have designed a system which walks you through all steps from designing your own board to collaborating with our artists and staff to bring you the original, the best clapperboard in Hollywood today.

All of our clapperboards are hand-made right here in Los Angeles, in the heart of the American film business for 30 years. Our product line has expanded over the years to include Match-Grain Walnut/Laminate clappers, mid-level, economy and specialty clapperboards with a wide range of board materials and customizable layouts. While we maintain our traditions, fabrication techniques and standards, Hollywood Clapperboards seeks to continues as a pioneer through its adoption and use of cutting edge technologies including CNC based machinery, CO2 cutting/engraving and UV curing ink printing. With our premium products, made with FAS walnut, tops and bottoms are cut from single billets of premium US sourced Black Walnut so each clapper is truly custom made, reflecting the best in ‘herringbone’ design. Our hand-crafted Clapperboards are the product of many years of experience designed to simplify life both on set and in Post Production. The same color correction requirements prevalent in the film world carry through without change to the digital realm.

Benefits for Camera assistants:

  • Our slates are very durable (20+ years on some products).
  • Comfortable to use (designed to be easy to hold) with custom designed, rounded hinges.
  • MUCH simpler to use than clapperboard apps (solid state, chalk and slate).
  • Assistants won’t destroy their tablets.
  • Benefits for Sound Engineers:

  • Genuine clappers guarantee they will hear the ‘Marker” (not always at the correct level from ‘apps’, depending on proximity to actors and mics).
  • Benefits for Directors of Photography and Colorists:

  • Our clappers provides an accurate color referencing on every take, whether it be color, grey scale or traditional black and white.
  • Benefits for Producers:

  • Time saved in the Grading and occasional Synchronizing processes and the resulting money saved.
  • Benefits for Editors:

  • Clapperboards provide a contextually based visual reference to use as a key-frame, a clear advantage to internal, electronic slating.

  • In the era of Digital cinematography, our clapperboards remain as useful as ever for color corrections and scene identification, even if audio is recorded on camera, and especially when using more than one recording device (multiple cameras, sound off camera).

    My Father and I first produced our fade and wear resistant laminate clapperboards in 1985 in response to the short working life of paper color charts and standard painted (silk-screened) clappers. Our first products were our FAS Walnut Clappers which were used by my father (then a D.P.) to allow him to accomplish a consistency of dailies not possible without a color and grey scale reference in every take. These clappers were a resounding success. My father soon teamed up with his friend Michael Denecke to improve his TS-2 line of Digital Clapperboards. We are proud to say that we continue to provide clapper tops to Denecke, Inc. and are the most imitated color clapper design in the world.

    In Action:
    Please send us your best pictures of our clapperboards in action on the photo submission page, we wish to provide a forum for filmmakers to show off their sets and locations, and to share their experiences with fellow artists. Please feel free to post pictures from your jobs so long as they include our clapperboards for a chance to have your image showcased on !

    Thank you all.
    Robert Litomisky, Owner
    Hollywood Clapperboards

    “Create your piece of Hollywood!”