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Denecke Products

Denecke SB-4 Syncbox & Timecode Generator

The Dcode® SB-4 is designed to replace the SB-3 in the Denecke line of Timecode Generators. The SB-4 features a display and menu system, which allows for ease of use and display of timecode and settings. It reads, generates and jam syncs to all standard frame rates including 23.976 for High Definition shoots. The advanced Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator (TCXO) has ten times the frequency stability than previous products, eliminating the need to jam more than once per day.

* Generates and Jam Syncs to all common SMPTE Timecode frame rates.
* Cross jams regardless of incoming frame rates.
* Sunlight-readable display with backlight.
* Jam from an external timecode source or set it internally and use as a stand alone generator.
* Selectable TC output levels, eliminating the need for external output reduction pads.
* Runs on 2 AAA batteries or external power connection.
* Simple to set up. Reprogrammable for new features and updates, via both Mac and Windows computers.
* Very high stability crystal ensures low drift.
* Provides indication of drift/inaccuracy between SB-4 and a timecode input signal.


Denecke SB-T TriLevel SyncBox

The Dcode® SB-T is the latest addition to the Denecke line of Time Code Generators. The SB-T reads, generates and jams to all the standard frame rates including 23.976 for High Definition Video. The outputs include Time Code and Video Sync in PAL and NTSC, as well as Trilevel for HD shoots. The Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator (TCXO) ensures low drift. High stability and ease of use make it a welcome addition to any Hi Def or Standard Def shoot!